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Mysteries of Easter Island /

Waxman, Laura Hamilton,

Mysteries of Easter Island / Laura Hamilton Waxman. - 32 pages : color illustrations, color map ; 24 cm. - Ancient mysteries .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Introduction: encountering a mystery -- Why and how? -- A mysterious history -- Looking for answers -- Preserving the statues -- Science spotlight: a peculiar pattern.

On Easter in 1722, a fleet of Dutch ships exploring the southeastern Pacific Ocean came across a small island that at first seemed uninhabited. Instead, the sailors found a community of people―and hundreds of giant stone statues. Easter Island and its statues have long been a source of mystery for explorers, historians, and tourists. How did people come to live in such a remote place? How had the islanders carved such enormous statues without metal tools? And how had they moved them? Read all about the myths and theories surrounding Easter Island, as well as the science researchers are using to learn more.


9781512440157 (lb : alk. paper)


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