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The Last Olympian by Riordan, Rick

Publication: New York Hyperion Books 2009 24 Date: 2009

the last book is better then them all. it will scare you and thrill you.

The Lightning Thief

Publication: New York Miramax Books/Hyperion Books for Children 2005 . 377 p. 22 cm. Date: 2005

If you loved the movie you will love this. Percy Jackson is a demigod of the big three gods. It is filled with action and adventure!

Dear Mr. Henshaw / by Cleary, Beverly.

Publication: New York : HarperTrophy, 1983 . 133 p. : 20 cm. Date: 1983

Dear Mr. Henshaw is a story about a boy that has many chances to write to an author. This boy is very smart and solves many problems in reasonable ways. If you like fiction, this is the book for you!

Nightmare at the Book Fair by Gutman, Dan.

Publication: New York Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers 2008 28 Date: 2008

this book was really funny and i loved it if you like funny books then read it Added 11/15/2010 by Grant

Julie of the wolves / by George, Jean Craighead.

Publication: New York : Harper, 1972 . 170 p. : 28 Date: 1972

This book was very good because it is adventurist Added 11/15/2010 by Quinn

The secret zoo / by Chick, Bryan.

Publication: New York : Greenwillow Books, 2010 . p. cm. 28 Date: 2010

this book is really good it has lots of surprises. It is about a girl who finds monkeys on the rooftops. Then she disappears and her brother Noah has to go into the Clarksville city zoo and find his sister. Added 11/15/2010 by Jonathan

Number the stars / by Lowry, Lois.

Publication: Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1989 . 137 p. 28 Date: 1989

This is a great book for people who like realistic fiction and a little mystery and a lot of history. Added 11/15/2010 by Penelope

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days by Kinney, Jeff

Publication: New York Amulet Books 2009 28 Date: 2009

This book is AWESOME! The author explains it so well it makes feel like it is real. Added 11/15/2010 by Luke

No cover image available

The Million Dollar Goal by Gutman, Dan

Publication: New York Hyperion Books for Children 2003 24 Date: 2003

This book is about a girl who hates sports but she has to score a goal to get a million dollars.

Password to Larkspur Lane : by Keene, Carolyn.

Publication: New York, NY : Grosset & Dunlap, 1966 . 175 p. : 28 Date: 1966

You will love this book if you like mystery and suspense. Added 11/15/2010 by Katherine

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James and the Giant Peach by Dahl, Roald.

Publication: New York Alfred A Knopf 1961 28 Date: 1961

I think that this book is sad, fun, and exciting. I really like it but I really don't at the same time. Added 11/15/2010 by Margoth

Philippa Fisher's Fairy Godsister by Kessler, Liz.

Publication: Cambridge, Mass. Candlewick Press 2007 28 Date: 2007

I love this book. You might like it if you like fantasy's with fairy godmothers. Added 11/15/2010 by Evangeline

Crash by Spinelli, Jerry.

Publication: New York Alfred A. Knopf 1996 . 162 p. 24 Date: 1996

This is a very good. It is about a teen who is a bully to a geek, he also thinks he is a big shot / big time jock. [ he play football and is really good. What he does in the book is really FUNNY!!! I suggest this book to anyone who likes comedy. IT IS A REALLY GREAT BOOK!!!!!!!!!!

The End of the Beginning: being the adventures of a small snail (and an even smaller ant) by AVI.

Publication: New York Harcourt, Inc. 2004 28 Date: 2004

This is a very good book even if you do not like to read you might like it I know I do. Added 11/01/2010 by Penelope

The School Skeleton by Roy, Ron

Publication: New York Random House 28

this is a cool book for people who like school and skeletons. Added 11/01/2010 by Luke

The Homework Machine by Gutman, Dan.

Publication: New York Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers 2006 28 Date: 2006

This is a great book if you like surprises, comedy, and love to read! Added 11/01/2010 by Alexander

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The whispering statue. by Keene, Carolyn.

Publication: New York, Grosset & Dunlap 1970 . 179 p. 20 cm. Date: 1970

This is a very interesting book if you like very exciting and unsuspecting things to happen. Added 11/01/2010 by Katherine

The Chameleon Wore Chartreuse by Hale, Bruce

Publication: New York Harcourt, Inc. 2000 24 Date: 2000

This is a good book if you like Geckos and mysteries.

Diary Of A Fly by Cronin, Doreen.

Publication: New York HarperCollins 2007 28 Date: 2007

I liked this book.It is very funny. Added 10/27/2010 by Neil

No cover image available

Monsters / by Nardo, Don,

Publication: San Diego, Calif. : Lucent Books, 2002 . 112 p. : 24 cm. Date: 2002

I like this book because it tells you about monsters. Added 10/26/2010 by Andrew

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