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WARRIORS Firestar's Quest by Hunter, Erin.

Publication: New York, N Y HARPERCOLLINS 28

Firestar finds out there use to be a fifth clan that used to live in the forest. He goes on the quest with his mate Sandstorm. They have to travel for a long time, one time there was a storm and Sandstorm and Firestar got separated. At last Firestar is back together with Sandstom, and there on the quest again. But there is evil lurking in the forest that may stop Firestar from regrowing SkyClan, read this book to find out if Firestar can save SkyClan from the evil creatures that hate cats. Added 01/14/2011 by Lycia

The river / by Paulsen, Gary.

Publication: New York : Delacorte Press, 1991 . p. cm. 24 Date: 1991

Brian is back! This time Brian (the main character) is going out into the wilderness to teach people how to survive. Brian is middle school boy who survived in the Canadian wilderness for 54 days. He is asked to teach his skills to people who are connected with the military. Brian goes out with a man named Derek. Derek is struck by lightning and Brian must take him down a river to a trading post 100 miles away.

Knights of the kitchen table / by Scieszka, Jon.

Publication: New York, N.Y. : Viking, 1991 . 55 p. : 22 cm. Date: 1991

This book is about adventure and excitement. The book's three main characters are Fred, Sam, and Joe. Fred is a funny guy and the one who mostly gets them into all the trouble. Sam is the "nerd" type person, and Joe is the the normal kid who finds his way out of a bad situation. (Joe is probably the main character.) The story starts when Joe's uncle gives him a magic book on his birthday. Later, when he opens the book, he travels back in time to the Middle Ages. If you want to what know what happens next, read this book!

Mr. Tucket / by Paulsen, Gary.

Publication: New York : Delacorte Press, 1994 . p. cm. 24 Date: 1994

This is a great book about a young pioneer boy who is captured by Indians. The boy does not like the Indians and escapes on a hoarse with a man who knows the wild west. The boy ventures across deserts and plains searching for his family with the man.

Hoot / by Hiaasen, Carl.

Publication: New York : Knopf : | Distributed by Random House, 2002 . 292 p. ; 22 cm. Date: 2002

I think this was a good book also. I don't like reading that much, but Jack Brown was right: a reader who doesn't like reading will like this book, because I sure did. The book is about saving some owls, but not just any owl-- a Burrowing Owl. A Burrowing Owl lives underground in holes. A boy named Roy moves to Florida from Montana and meets two kids named Beatrice and Mullet Fingers. They are trying to save some owls that are going to be bulldozed. If the three don't save them the owls are going to die! This book is funny and strange, and I think YOU should read this book.

Airman by Colfer, Eoin.

Publication: New York Hyperion Books for Children 2008 28 Date: 2008

This book is about a boy named Connor Broekhart who is born in the sky. Connor is taught by a friend of his father about everything, including flying. After Connor finishes his training, the king is killed and Connor is accused of killing the king. Will Connor ever get justice or will he be in jail for a long time, then read this book to find out! Added 01/07/2011 by Makul

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows / by Rowling, J. K.

Publication: New York : A.A. Levine, 2007 . 759 p. : 24 cm. Date: 2007

This book is very suspenseful and will keep you turning pages. -Eleanor Peters Added 12/14/2010 by Eleanor

The Vampire's Vacation by Roy, Ron.

Publication: New York Random House 2004 28 Date: 2004

This book is cool and funny. At the end there is a huge suprise you can find out when you read it. Added 12/14/2010 by Alexandria

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Kinney, Jeff.

Publication: New York Amulet Books 2007 24 Date: 2007

i love Gregory & this book is good & you should read it!!

The Tiger Rising by DiCamillo, Kate

Publication: Cambridge, Massachusetts Candlewick Press 2001 24 Date: 2001

The Rising Tiger is about a boy named Rob and moves to Florida after his mother dies in Kentucky. So he lives in a motel with his dad. Rob find a amazing discovery in a forest. He has a rash and other gross stuff on his legs he gets out of school. Theres a girl named Sistine and she mostly tells him what to do in the book. So if you are looking for a good story book read this book.

Maniac Magee : by Spinelli, Jerry.

Publication: [New York] : HarperTrophy, 1990 . 184 p. 28 Date: 1990

Maniac Magee is a very interesting book. it is about a boy named Jeffrey. He runs away from school and lives with the Beales. it is a interesting book and everyone should read it. Added 12/10/2010 by Evan

No cover image available

Waggit's Tale by Howe, Peter.

Publication: New York HarperCollins 2008 28 Date: 2008

Waggit is a puppy, his owner abandons him and he is left in the park. He gets lost and a dog named Tazar brings him in his team. Read this book to find out if Waggit gets another master or if he has to stay in the team. Added 12/10/2010 by Lycia

The Meanwhile Adventures by Doyle, Roddy.

Publication: New York Scholastic, Inc. 2004 24 Date: 2004

This is one of the funniest books I've read. It is about a family named the Macks. When Mr. Mack loses his job he becomes an inventor. Mr. Mack invents a saw that looks like a machine gun. When Mr. Mack goes to the bank with the saw to take out some money the garda comes and takes him to jail. Billie Jean Fleetwoodmack is not in town so the Mack children must save their dad.

The Titan's Curse by Riordan, Rick

Publication: New York Hyperion Books 2007 24 Date: 2007

The Titan's Curse is about Percy and his friends rising the curse.

First Light by Stead, Rebecca.

Publication: New York Random House 2007 28 Date: 2007

This book is about a boy named Peter who is going to Greenland with his parent to see the glaciers. Thea is a girl living in the glaciers. Her ancestors built a town in the glaciers because they were hunted by Englishmen from England. Peter is about to meet Thea. Peter is actually related to Thea because his mother Thea sister. When they met, it will be bad for Thea's people because they won't like Peter. Added 12/10/2010 by Makul

Wild Girl by Giff, Patricia Reilly

Publication: New York Wendy Lamb Books 2009 24 Date: 2009

Wild Girl is about a girl and she had to move to Brazil to live with here father and he owns a horse stable with race horses.

Wilderness by Doyle, Roddy.

Publication: New York, N. Y. Arthur A. Levine Books 2007 24 Date: 2007

This is a great book about wilderness. Two boys and their mother go dog sledding in Finland for a trip. It is very cold there. After a couple days of dog sledding the boys mother gets lost in the wilderness. The boys must find their mother before the Finnish wilderness does.

No cover image available

Rules by Lord, Cynthia.

Publication: New York Scholastic Press 2006 24 Date: 2006

"Rules" is book about a girl named Catherine. She has a little brother named David. David has a horrible disease named Autism. She makes up rules to help here little brother.

The Time Machine by Wells, H.G.

Publication: New York: Baronet Books 1989 . 236p: b&w ill. 25 cm. Date: 1989

I like this book a lot. I think this is a good book for a 6th grader because it has hard words in it so be careful. Added 12/10/2010 by Joseph

No cover image available

Math curse / by Scieszka, Jon.

Publication: New York : Viking, 1995 . [32] p. : 28 Date: 1995

This book is a very funny one.I liked the math problems.This book makes math fun. Added 12/07/2010 by Neil

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