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Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland

Publication: [New York] Mouse Works 1993 . 95p.: col. ill. 24 cm. Date: 1993

Alice in wonderland was good because alice was nice and careful

Exotic Shorthair Cat by Commings, Karen

Publication: Philadelphia Chelsea House Publishers 1997 . 65 p.:col. photos 24 Date: 1997

I liked this book because it has a lot of facts about this cat and a lot of funny and cute pictures.

Lulu and the brontosaurus / by Viorst, Judith.

Publication: New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2010 . p. cm. 24 Date: 2010

This book is so funny. If you like funny books with unusual things that happen, you should give this book a try! Lulu is spoiled and cries a lot, but she learns a good lesson.

Wonder / by Palacio, R. J.

Publication: New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2012 . 315 p. ; 22 cm. Date: 2012

This is a really entertaining and interesting story that makes you think about human nature. It is a funny and meaningful story about friendship. _Wonder_ made me think a lot about how we ALL judge people based on how they look. It's interesting that since we never see Auggie, we have the chance to get to know him without judging him on his looks. All the other characters in the book don't get to meet him that way.

Saving Shiloh / by Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds

Publication: New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 1997 . 137 p. ; 21 cm Date: 1997

Saving Shiloh is the third book in the Shiloh series. I would recommend reading the other books before reading this book because the story would not make sense. Saving Shiloh is about a kid named Marty, and he lives in a place called Shiloh. His neighbor, Judd Travors is a mean old man who owns a ton of hunting dogs, he hunts in places where it is illegal, and he treats his dogs unfairly. One day, Marty finds the nice, new dog that Judd just got. He keeps the dog for a while, and is nice to him. Judd is angry about this and makes Marty work for many weeks, doing Judd's jobs. Finally, Marty gets the dog.

Series (in order): Shiloh, Shiloh Season, Saving Shiloh

Tales from a not-so-talented pop star / by Russell, Rachel Renee.

Publication: New York : Aladdin, 2011 . 311 p. : cm. Date: 2011

I think this book is really good but it also is pretty sercrety

Charlotte's web / by White, E. B.

Publication: New York, HarperCollins Publishers 1952 . 184 p. 21 cm. Date: 1952

This book is wonderful and memorable. It is a classic story, and parts of it are sad, but it is also happy and funny.

Ender's game / by Card, Orson Scott.

Publication: T. Doherty Associates, 1985 . 357 p. ; 22 cm. Date: 1985

A Great novel, about a boy who goes from the bottom to the top, all by himself. Added 05/22/2012 by Alexander

"Unsinkable" Molly Brown by Ruffin, Frances E.

Publication: New York The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc. 2002 28 Date: 2002

A great Non-Fiction book about the Titanic. Added 11/29/2011 by Alexander

Frindle / by Clements, Andrew,

Publication: New York, N.Y. : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1996 . 105 p. : 22 cm. Date: 1996

i love this book i say Frindle a lot!

The lost hero / by Riordan, Rick.

Publication: New York : Disney/Hyperion Books, 2010 . p. cm. 28 Date: 2010

A great book about three children who learn that they are half greek. Right as soon as they learn who they are, they have to go on a quest o save a greek goddess. I recomend this book to anyone who likes greek mythology and adventure stories. Added 10/13/2011 by Lyrit

Big Cats by Sheikh-Miller, Jonathan.

Publication: New York Usborne Publishing 2002 24 Date: 2002

this book like gave me the most information for my book report.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw by Kinney, Jeff

Publication: New York Amulet Books 2009 24 Date: 2009

this book is such a funny book i love it because greg is the best person in the whole entire book.

No cover image available

The Thief Lord by Funke, Cornelia

Publication: New York Scholastic, Inc. 2002 28 Date: 2002

The Thief Lord is an amazing story about two boys named Prosper and Boniface. Their parents have died and they run to Venice Italy. its a really good book and everyone should read it Added 05/20/2011 by Evan

Bulu, African wonder dog / by Houston, Dick.

Publication: New York : Random House, 2010 . p. cm. 24 Date: 2010

Bulu, African Wonder Dog is about a little dog that was born on an alligator farm in Zambia, Africa. Three adults rescue the puppy and take him home. The three adults name him Bulu and the name Bulu means "wild dog." Bulu grow to become an amazing dog. But one day, Bulu ran off. What will happen?

Tuck everlasting / by Babbitt, Natalie.

Publication: New York : Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1975 . 139 p. ; 22 cm. Date: 1975

Tuck Everlasting is a book about a young girl who enters a mysterious adventure. The girl, Winnie meets a family who can live forever. Winnie is amazed and becomes very good friends with this family. Mae Tuck the mom of the family risked the families secret by saving Winnie. Now Winnie must risk her life for Mae. if you want to find out what happens read the book.

No cover image available

The story of Doctor Dolittle / by Lofting, Hugh.

Publication: New York William Morrow 1997 . 159 p. 28 Date: 1997

The story of Doctor Dolittle is about a doctor who worked on people but, as the story goes on, his friend tells him that he should be a veterinarian because he has a way with animals and he loves them. But it is more than just having a way with them, he can talk to them. To find out more you will have to read the book. Added 05/02/2011 by Elsie

Into the Wild (Book 1) by Hunter, Erin.

Publication: New York HarperCollins 2003 28 Date: 2003

Cats, cats, and more cats. Cats in clans, living in the wild, hunting their own food and going on adventures. If this sounds good, then this is the book for you. Added 05/02/2011 by Lyrit

Wild Girl by Giff, Patricia Reilly

Publication: New York Wendy Lamb Books 2009 28 Date: 2009

This book is about a girl. I forget her name, but she moves to America from Brazil with her brother and her father. Some chapters are about what happens to the horse her father buys. The horse's name is Wild Girl. she loves the horse because her mother called her wild girl. I love the book because I love horses and all animals!!!! Added 05/02/2011 by Samantha

Walk two moons / by Creech, Sharon.

Publication: New York : HarperCollins, 1994 . 280 p. ; 21 cm. Date: 1994

Walk Two Moons is a story about a young girl named Salamanca. She is traveling to Idaho to visit her mother's grave. Along the way, she tells her grandparents about her friend named Phoebe. Her grandparents are very fond of Phoebe and want Sal to tell them more. At a stop they get into a river, to cool off and Sal's grandmother gets bitten by a snake. They take her to a hospital to get treated, and she is in there for several days. All ends well, but to learn how it ends well I would suggest reading the book. If you like unexpected events, and adventurous books then this is the book for you. Added 05/02/2011 by Lyrit

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